Birth place of poet Vallabha,

disciple of Uddhava Dāsa





How to Reach?


This place is the birth place of poet Vallabha. His father’s name was Rājavallabha and mother’s name was Vaiṣṇavī. He took initiation from Uddhava Dāsa. He wrote a poetic literature in Bengali named ‘Śrī Rasa-kadamba’ in the year 1520 Śakābda at the request of one brāhmin named Mukuṭa Rāya. It is described in that book-

karatoyā tīra mahāsthānera samīpe
āroḍā grāmete janma basati svarupe

He, in his original form took birth and resided in the village Āroḍā which is situated on the banks of Karatoyā near Mahāsthāna.

Presently, the village Yogīra-bhavana is situated near Ārulā village. This place was the monastery of Kānaphāṭā Yogis. Till now the monastery owns land measuring 27 acres and 34 śatakas. In the village Ārulā there is a high-raised homestead of Śālivāhana king coming in the line of Pāla-descendents. It was not possible to trace out the residential place of the poet Vallabha, even after trying hard. Possibly, this place may have been hidden.