Place of Pastime of Śyāmānanda Prabhu




How to Reach?


Once Śyāmānanda Prabhu came to this Baḍakolā village and celebrated a big festival on the occasion of Dolayātrā. By the instruction of Śyāmānanda Prabhu all arrangements of the festival were made by Rasikānanda Prabhu. Rasikānanda carried all the ingredients of the festival from Dhārendrā to Basantapura and from there he brought everything in front of Śyāmānanda Prabhu at Baḍakolā village. Then Śyāmānanda Prabhu again instructed him to bring the Deity of Śrī Śrī Śyāma Rāya from Dhārendrā. The Yavana Subā (Superintendent) of Midnāpore came here at this festival.



This has been described in the tenth laharī of the south part of the Śrī Rasikamaṅgala book-

henakāle visvanātha bhuñiyā mahāśaya
śaśadhara bhuñiyā tāra kaniṣṭha tanaya

haricandanera bhrātā rājya adhipati
saṅgīta sāhitye yogya baḍa śuddhamati

sarva guṇe guṇadhara kulaśīla māna
yātrā dekhivāre tathā karila prayāṇa

At that time Viśvanātha Bhuñiyā Mahāśaya came there with his youngest son Śaśadhara Bhuñiyā. Haricandana’s brother was the king of that province. He was a pure hearted person and was qualified in the field of music. He had all good qualities and was a very respectful person in his family. He started for that place to see the opera performance.

At the request of Vaṁśī there he accepted Viśvanātha Bhuñiyā as his disciple and gave him the name Śyāma-manohara. Subsequently, this Śyāma-manohara gave away everything in his possession and dedicated his life in preaching the message of love of Godhead. In this way he showered mercy upon many living entities.The wicked yavana king of that province by name Haribalā came to see that festival. He took Rasikānanda from there and performed a big festival in Ālamagañja.