Place of Pastime of Śrīla Śyāmānanda Prabhu


How to Reach?


This is the land of the Pastimes of Śrīla Śyāmānanda Prabhu.

Rasikānanda Deva, staying over in the house of king Vaidyanātha, bestowed his mercy upon two yavana kings by name Āhmmada and Subā. Receiving the news of tyranny by the yavanas at Rādhānagara village, Śyāmānanda Prabhu went to Āhmmada Beg and Subā. He instructed Rasikānanda and sent Vaṁśīvadana with him. Rasikānanda, along with his associates, stayed at the house of king Vaidyanātha and exhibited his potencies. Many people came to see them. Many Hindus and Muslims took initiation from Rasikānanda. Hearing this news, Subā commented, ‘He can initiate the Hindus but under what right can he initiate the Muslims?’ The Subedāra expressed his deceitful anger in this way to split the people’s support. It was not unknown to him about the extraordinary glories of Rasikānanda. He sent a message to Rasikānanda through the messenger that he wants to see some miraculous event.

At that time, all the people, even Subā himself, became fearful of a mad elephant. The Subā said, ‘If Rasikānanda can initiate the elephant, then I will believe that he is Nārāyaṇa.’ In fact, that is what happened as a reality. Although, Rasikānanda was prevented by his associates to do so, he started walking towards the house of Subā, and on the way he met the mad elephant. Rasikānanda influenced the elephant by his own potency and gave him Harināma initiation. He named the elephant Gopāla Dāsa. Hearing this supernatural activity, Subā immediately came to that place and fell flat at the lotus feet of Rasikānanda. By staying at Bānapura, Rasikānanda exhibited extraordinary pastimes like this.