Buruṅgā or Baḍagaṅgā


Śrīpāṭ of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu’s Grand-father Śrī Upendra Miśra.


How to Reach?


This is the Śrīpāṭ of Śrī Upendra Miśra. Mahāprabhu’s father, Śrī Jagannātha Miśra, is the fifth son of Upendra Miśra. Upendra Miśra was Parjanya cowherd in Vraja Līlā. His wife’s name was Kalāvatī. While Mahāprabhu was traveling in East Bengal, one Sunday of Caitra month (March-April) He suddenly arrived at the house of His grand-father. He exhibited a wonderful pastime here. Upendra Miśra collected many palmyra-leaves for writing Caṇḍī. Mahāprabhu was sitting near His grand-father.

At that time, Miśra Mahāśaya wrote the first verse on the palmyra-leaf. Kalāvatī called her husband inside and told, ‘Oh! My Lord, I had a strange dream.’ This son of Jagannātha is Nārāyaṇa Himself. Miśra commented, ‘It is true. He looks like Īśvara in His form and nature.’ After this conversation, he came back to the outhouse and saw that the writing of Caṇḍī was complete. Miśra was astonished by this incidence.


This has been described in the twenty-fourth vilāsa of Śrī Premavilāsa

jagannātha suta gaura sāksāt īśvara
naile khaṇakāle caṇḍī likhe sādhya kāra

The son of Jagannātha Miśra is Īśvara Himself, otherwise, how is it possible to complete writing the Caṇḍī in such a short time.

After that, Miśra Mahāśaya thought for a while and took Him inside the house. The grand-mother offered Him sweet jackfruit and began talking to Him which has been described in the twenty-fourth vilāsa of Śrī Premavilāsa—

pitāmahī bole bhāi tumi nārāyaṇa
svapana-yogete more dilā daraśana

sei madhura rūpa mane āche lāgi
dekhāo dekhāo rūpa ābāra muñi dekhi

bhaktajane kṛpā kari prabhu gaura rāya
madhura murati duijanāre dekhāya

The grand-mother told that You are Nārayaṇa Himself. You appeared in my dream. Your sweet beautiful form still remains in my mind. Please show me that Form again. Prabhu Gaura Rāya, being merciful to His devotees, showed His beautiful Form to them.

Their mind became settled after they saw that Form. Then they went back to the eternal abode in their original form. In this way, Mahāprabhu showered His mercy upon His grand-parents and went to the bank of Padmā River for enjoying the study of scriptures.

With the help of the Bangladesh government, beautiful cottages and temple have been constructed here, and the Deities have been installed. The ancient Deities have been taken away by the worshipers to Śilacara of Āssāma province in India during 1971 war. Presently, these Deities are worshiped in Śilacara itself. The Deities installed in this place are all new.