Śrīpāṭa of the Vaiṣṇava poet Caṇḍīdāsa

Nānura is situated in the district of Bīrbhūm. One can get down at Bolapura station by train from Howrāh or from Bandel towards Rāmapurhāṭa. From there one can come to this Nānura Śrīpāṭa by Bolapura- Kirṇāhāra bus.

This is the Śrīpāṭa of the Vaiṣṇava poet Caṇḍīdāsa. The temple of Śrī Viśālakṣmī Devī is present here. This Deity was worshiped by the poet Caṇḍīdāsa. Nearby there is a big pond where Rāmi used to wash clothes. The wooden plank upon which the clothes were washed has been kept in a nearby temple of goddes Kālī. One can go to Kirṇāhāra from Nānura by bus. Samādhi of Caṇḍīdāsa is there. There is a temple of Śrī Śrī Rādhā-Gopīnātha by the side of the samādhi. Rādhā-Gopīnātha look very beautiful and pleasing to the mind. Some renounced Vaiṣṇavas serve Rādhā-Gopīnātha and the samādhi. There are nice arrangements of worship.