Pānuriyā Viśrāmatalā


The place where Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu rested

Pānuriyā Viśrāmatalā is in Bīrbhūm district. One can reach this Śrīpāṭa by first getting on a train departing from Howrāh or Bandel leaving for Siuḍi and getting down at Siuḍi station. Siuḍi is the district town. From Siuḍi station one can travel six kilometers by rickshaw-van to the south to reach this Śrīpāṭa which is in between Rāyapura and Maṇḍitpura. Or, one can catch a bus from Siuḍi leaving for Duvarājpura and get down at Viśrāmatalā to arrive at this Śrīpāṭa. This place is on the bus route.

After Mahāprabhu accepted sannyāsa at Kāṭwā, when He was traveling towards Vṛndāvana, prior to reaching Vakreśvara Tīrtha, He returned on his journey. This is that very famous place purified by the Lord’s lotus feet. Beause He took rest (viśrāma) here; this place got the name ‘Viśrāmatalā’. At this place, service to Mahāprabhu and Nityānanda Prabhu is conducted on a regular basis. Along with the ancient neem and tamāla trees, this place is very charming. The sacred temple is a place worth seeing. Every year, there is a festival for seven days during the Pūrṇimā of the month of Māgha (January-February). This is the largest festival conducted here. This place is very pleasing to the mind.